What can withstand the wrath of Katrina and Rita?  In the US alone, 196 people lost their lives due to hurricanes from 1986 – 1995.  On an average, there are two hurricanes that are classified as 3-5 categories that strikes the US every three years.  According to records, September is the month where hurricanes strike frequently.  Thirty-six of the sixty-four major hurricanes that had hit the US in the 20th century happened on the month of September.  These facts would only show and tell that building better and stronger houses that will withstand the wrath of these hurricanes is now a must especially in areas where hurricanes strike more frequently.  Warning:  if you have diamond blades or any sharp tools that can cause fatal injury when hurricane hits your house, make sure that you keep them where they will not just fly and cut anything that it hits.
So is there such a thing as hurricane proof house?  There is a spectrum of new technologies that are available if you want to withstand the strong winds brought about these hurricanes.  There are also ways on how you can hurricane proof your house without incurring too much cost on your end.  Here are some tips on how you can prepare your house for such deadly peril.
1.     Protect your roof.  Make sure that you use hurricane straps to ensure that your roof is well attached to the ground or to anything that can hold it while being hit by strong winds.  Go to the nearest home improvement store and buy a glue or any adhesive that would hold your roof better.  Try to fix all loose roof tiles or shingles to make sure that it will hold during the storm. 
2.     Seal the windows.  Don’t waste your time trying to tape your windows.  This is useless and it will only cost you money.  Get a more expensive window that will not break easily.  Remember that broken windows can let the air in which can increase the pressure from under the roof.  Covering it with wood before the expected storm from the outside can also help.  You may need a diamond blade to cut the wood to make your job easier and faster.
3.     Seal the doors.  All precautions that you have for you windows can be applied to your door.  Use dead bolt mechanisms to secure your door to ensure that they won’t fly away once strong winds hit the house.  Make sure that you seal any opening that can let the air come in and add pressure from the inside.
4.     Brace your garage door.  The roof of your house is not the entry point.  Most of the times, when a hurricane hits, it penetrates the garage first adding pressure from the bottom, which eventually pushes the roof up.  Most garages are not reinforced or braced.  There are Vertical bracing system that can make garage doors more secured in times of hurricanes.
5.     Trim Trees.  These can prevent further damage within your surrounding.  Big trees can cause severe home wreckage when hit by strong winds.  There are diamond blades that can help you in trimming your trees.

Everyone needs to be prepared and ready for the unexpected.  A hurricane may strike anytime without any hesitation.  Nothing beats planning and taking action.  

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