Summer is the warmest of the four seasons.  This is also the best time to do almost all DIY projects.  This may be a good time to retile your old swimming pool and take advantage of the warm temperature that can help in drying the cement that you will use in tiling.
You have two options, one is to hire a professional to do the job or you can just do it on your own and save some money that you can use for buying a good quality tile.  Doing it on your own is not that easy but finishing a project like this is really fulfilling.  This is time consuming and might take one to two weeks before you can use the pool but with the right instructions and right tools, this will be as easy as retiling your bathroom.
Here is a step by step guide to retiling your in ground pool.  Read on.
1.     Decide how big your work will be.  Will you retile the whole pool or just the parts that are cracked and damaged?  Retiling a portion may give you a hard time especially if the old tiles are no longer in the market.  You might end up having a multi colored pool that would look like a fish tank.
2.     Wear the necessary safety gears to avoid any accidents.
3.     Turn off all electricity going to the pool before draining the water.
4.     Drain the water using a submersible water pump.
5.     Remove the old tiles and scratch coat by using a chisel and a hammer.
6.     After removing the old tiles and the scratch, it’s time to scrub and clean the surface.  Clean up the debris and prepare the area for tiling.
7.     Use a chalk and a string to ensure that your tile is at the correct level.  Apply the scratch coat to the pool’s shell with a trowel.    You can adjust accordingly to make sure that the tile is at the same level as with the old tile.
8.     Using the string as a guide, apply the tile.  If you see any excess scratch coat, remove it while it is still wet.  Should you need to cut a tile to fit the tile on the pool’s shell, you can use a high quality diamond blade.
9.     Wait for the scratch coat to dry up.  It may take 2 days to fully dry this before applying the grout.
10.  After drying, apply the grout between the tiles by using a clean trowel.  Use a sponge to wipe away any excess grout to get a clean finish.  Dry it for another 2 to 3 days before filling the pool with water.
Retiling your pool is easy if you have the right steps and the right equipment such as diamond blades and tools.

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