Who doesn’t want to hose off outside especially during summer?  Making your own is not that easy but with the right tools and materials on hand, you can do it.  Before the summer ends, you can still squeeze in a quick DIY project just like this.
Question:  From a scale of 1-10, how difficult is it to build a shower outside your home?
Answer: 3, this DIY project would require some woodwork skills
Before you start with this project, make sure that you already have a design or a blueprint of what you want that shower to look like.  It doesn’t have to be as meticulous as a house plan but having a guide is just what we need.
Don’t worry; this article will make it as if you are a professional DIY guy.  To begin with, here is a list of tools and materials that you would need for making your outdoor shower:
Step 1:  Prepare The Pipe and the Valve.  You have to consider the weather and the water temperature in determining what type of pipe you will use.  Decide if you will use a hot and cold water valve or just 1 valve for this outdoor shower.
Step 2:  Digging the trench.  Dig down at least 6” and make sure that there are no sharp objects or anything that can puncture the line.  Leave extra pipe to avoid pulling it in and coming up short.
Step 3:  Backfill the trench and stabilize the ends of the pipe to avoid sharp bends.
Step 4:  Add the hose connector fittings.  Slide the new connector end onto the hose.  You can tighten the connector using a screwdriver. These connectors are equipped with a clamp and screw to allow you to lock it into position on the hose.
Step 5:  Prepare the Pipe and measure the length that you would need to cut.  Use a pipe cutter to make your work easier.
Step 6:  Drill a hole.  Using a diamond core bit, drill a hole for the mounting of the copper pipe.  Consider the location of the pipe clip when drilling the hole.  It should be leveled with the pipe.  Make sure that the pipe is installed uphill to avoid water from getting stuck inside the pipe.
Step 7:  Installation of the showerhead.  Now that the pipe is installed, you can now attach the showerhead to the pipe.
Doing it your own is something that is really fulfilling.  Enjoy the heat of summer with your new outdoor shower.

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