Diamond blades are used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, brick, graphite, concrete and other similar materials.  They vary in design. Some diamond blades are rock-hard and stable that provide chip–free cutting while others contain spaces between segments that offer faster cutting.  A diamond bladediffers on its intended function.
Knowing the functions of your diamond blade is very important in keeping your blade in tiptop shape, hence the list below:
1.  Familiarize yourself with the saw and type of blade that you will use.  A diamond saw blade designed for dry cutting could typically be used for dry or wet cuts; on the other hand, a blade designed for wet cutting can only be used for wet cutting.  Read and strictly follow the manufacturer’s disclaimer to avoid wearing out the blade prematurely, causing flawed cuts.  Keep in mind that not all concrete blades serve the same purpose because not all forms of concrete are made the same.
2.  Store your blades properly when not in use.  Keep your diamond blades in a vertical position, rather than just leaving them flat.  This will ensure that no other items get stacked on top of the diamond blade, causing it to deform.
3.  Properly maintain your saw to prolong the life of your blades.  Diamond saw blade damage usually emanates from the malfunction of blade shaft bearings in the saw itself.  Once the blade vibrates, it will definitely damage the diamonds in your saw blade.
4.  Masons often overlook proper blade mounting; hence diamond blade life is shortened.  You have to strictly follow the manufacturers recommended cutting direction every time you use diamond saw blades.
5.  Using a high amount of water to flush the abrasive cuttings away from diamond saw blades will also prolong your blade life. 
Before reusing your blades, make sure that you check it thoroughly.  Check for cracks or anything that is unusual.  Maintaining your diamond blades by following these 5 easy steps will definitely increase efficiency in your blades’ performance.  This will also protect you from any untoward incidents in the future.

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