The performance of your cutting tools is purely dependent on the sharpness of the blade that you are using.  The miter saw is only good as the blade you are using to cut material.  Just like having a blunt core bit, dull blades will also endanger the lives of the user and those who are within the area where cutting is happening.  And besides getting a new blade would still be cheaper compared to having someone rushed in the hospital for cut arms or legs.
A miter saw blade is used with tools such as the Skil saw.  This type of saw is used to make accurate 90-degree crosscuts and miters in a work piece.  It is perfect for cutting the proper angle when framing corners for things like crown molding and baseboards.  This saw is also used for making picture or art frames.  Miter saws are generally used for wood but one can also use it for materials such as plastic, aluminum, Plexiglas and vinyl siding.  You just have to check with your supplier for the right blade to achieve that accurate and limited splintering cut.
So how do you change the blades if it is already dull and performance is already affected?
Below is a guide on how you can do it, check the brand of Miter saw that you are using.  For this article, a Skil saw will be used as an example.
1.     Make sure that the saw is unplugged.
2.     Make sure that you wear gloves before replacing the blades.  You don’t want to get cut by these sharp blades.
3.     Check the rear storage of you’re the saw, the Skil saw would usually have a wrench that comes with it that will help you loosen the bolt.
4.     Locate the lock button under the trigger of the saw.  Turn the bolt counterclockwise using the wrench to secure the saw blade.  As the lock button engages, the blade shaft will be in a locked position as well.  Again if you are not using a Skil saw, you might want to check with your supplier for the right steps or read the manual.
5.     To remove the bolt from the shaft, just continue turning your wrench on the same direction (counterclockwise).  Use your fingers to pull the washer and the shaft off the blade.
6.     Before installing the new blade, pull the lower guard back and pull the old saw blade away from the saw.  Put in a new saw blade into the saw with the teeth of the blade pointing to the front.  Gradually allow the lower guard to go back into its original position.
7.     Put back the washer and the shaft and tighten it using your wrench.

Having a quality Skil saw would be useless if you are running it with a dull blade.  Get high quality saw blades from your trusted diamond blade suppliers online.
  Be safe and be smart.

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Kent M.Cortez Sep 8, 2014, 4:15 am

Hi Cybertegic, This is great guide on how to select the best miter saw. I really loved your comparison chart and look of the site. You seem to be expert in this.
Thanks in advance.


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