Diamond blades are sturdy and versatile tools for cutting through some of the toughest materials with excellent precision. Diamond blades are ideal for projects that involve limestone, brick/block, concrete, asphalt, glass, or natural stone. However, there is a wide selection of diamond blades available for various purposes, which must be considered before use. Selecting an inappropriate diamond blade for a project may result in poor cuts and may dull or damage a blade. To avoid the costs of replacing a diamond blade, here is a brief guide to selecting a right diamond blade.

1. Figure out what you’ll be using the diamond blade for. It is necessary before looking at blades to consider what projects or materials the diamond blade will be used for. There are blades made for masonry blades, concrete blades, pavers blades, brick blades, asphalt blades, demolition/fire blades, block blades, granite/marble blades, tile/porcelain blades and many more. Just by looking at this list, it is clear that one can’t blindly pick one off the shelf. A blade made for demolition purposes will not provide you with the same cut necessary for tile or porcelain material. Diamond blades are made from different grades of diamonds and bonded in such a way that affects there speed and efficiency for precision cutting.

2. Pricing and Quality- Consider how much you want to spend for a diamond blade and look around for the best price. Manufacturers and suppliers offer various quality of blades at different costs. Decide between an economy blade and a premium blade. Blades cut with different levels of precision and speed. If you’re doing some generally light cut work, the economy diamond blades may be for you. If you will be doing heavy duty cutting, look into investing into a premium blade.

3. Research -Many general hardware stores may not be as informative about diamond blades as you think. They’re most concerned about having you make a purchase. There are many free sources available online. It would be wise to do some research to find out more about manufacturers and suppliers to ensure you’re getting the most out of your diamond blade, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Don’t be hasty and take your time.

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