Are you starting your own family?  Or are you a bachelor wanting some extra space away from home?  These are some of the questions that you need to consider when choosing between low-rise and high-rise apartments.  Let’s start the journey.
Choosing where to rent and what type of apartment is exciting and likewise time consuming.  Investment is also a big consideration when looking for a new crib for your family.  This is one of first few things that you need to determine.  Once you know how much you can afford, then you can ask the questions, are you willing to renovate or not? Or are you willing to do it on your own or will you hire professionals?  It may seem easy but it’s a bit tedious especially during the planning and sourcing stages.   If you’re willing to renovate on your own, then you should have high quality tools like a diamond blade, core bits and other specialty tools.
A high rise apartment is a structure with 8 floors or more and has a lift while low rise condominiums don’t have an elevator and have only three or four floors max.  These two types of apartments may differ in height but both have benefits depending on your preference.  Here are some benefits that I believe would be valuable for you.  Let’s call high-rise apartment as H, while low rise as L:
1.     Convenience – renting the H is more convenient in terms of walking down to your local stores, laundry facility, hair salon, fitness gyms, lift service and spa facilities.  On the other hand, Lwill have no elevators and you may have to walk a little to go to your favorite shop for a quick laundry, exercise and spa treatment. 
2.     Rental – L may be easier to negotiate when it comes to rental and utilities compared to H.  Although it may work both ways depending on how you talk to the landlord or the administrator.
3.     Space – L may give you the option of having a backyard while H may give you a smaller space.
4.     Environment – H may have a better appeal to bachelors while L may be more of a family/community oriented environment

High Rise Vs. Low Rise?  It depends on your preferred lifestyle.  

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