“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in – what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

– Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

While it was never publicized whether French novelist Victor Hugo had a solid sense of hard and soft landscaping, he sure got a good grasp of a garden’s true essence.


After establishing its value a couple of blog posts ago, we now aim to bring the process of hard landscaping to your very own home, particularly your garden. As far as hard landscaping is concerned, some of the features are: driveways and pathways, terraces and porches, decking and patios, drainage and guttering, concrete paving, sheds and garages, fencing, walling and edging, pond, rockery, raised beds, and outdoor furniture.

Unless you have extra space and money to spare, it is improbable that you incorporate all of the said features. That said, it is important that you have a detailed landscaping plan and be sure you have the essential tools like the concrete diamond blade if you don’t feel the need to hire a contractor, although it is advisable that you do. Here are a few more pointers:

–         Don’t just settle on the fist contractor you contact. Try to get as many estimates and examine your options. There are contractors that will guide you from planning to maintaining your garden. The good ones should be able to give your sound pointers and suggestions especially with spacing and positioning, as well as access to affordable but good quality materials.


–         You only have enough space so you don’t want to fit in everything the area couldn’t handle. If you want your patio to be the center of everything you may want to go the minimalist route for the rest of the designing. Make sure the spacing is well calculated so you wouldn’t have problems when the project starts. 

–         Many a landscaping project had to be discontinued for lack of funding. Imagine working on a project only to learn halfway through that your means would not suffice. Be sure there are no miscalculations in costing before starting a project.

Refurbishing your garden may score heaps on your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. A change in atmosphere, a place for Sunday barbecue or occasional get-togethers, recreate a kind of garden you saw in the movies, or simply build a family sanctuary – whatever your reason is, it’s important that everything is well-planned before anything is started.

Image Credit: javarc.org, flickr




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