Though concrete saws come in different forms and sizes, there are general guidelines that can be applied when using them. One of the most important guideline of all is safety. So before handling a concrete saw, or any construction equipment for that matter, make sure that you are equipped with the necessary skills and safety construction equipment such as safety goggles, dust mask, ear protection and steel toe boots. Additionally, make sure to check that there are no electrical wires or functional plumbing in the cutting area because electrical currents can jump through the concrete saw and cause injury or death.

Once you are certain that everything is safe and ready, you may proceed to the actual cutting process.
1. Using a chalk box, snap cutting lines on the concrete to help you make straighter and cleaner cuts. This also helps keep the diamond blade from binding while cutting the concrete.
2. Check the saw’s gas level. Check your concrete saw supplier’s manual for the mixture guidelines when adding fuel to the saw.
3. Place the concrete saw on the ground with the blade facing away from you. From this position, switch it on and turn the throttle control knob to the choke position. If your concrete saw is the type that has a primer button, press it to send extra fuel to the engine to start the saw faster.
4. Hold the saw steadily against the ground. Grasp the handle using your more dominant hand and pull the cord with the other hand. Once it starts, place the choke in the “run” position.
5. Grasp the throttle control with your fingers for the saw to achieve its full power. Gently sink the blade into the concrete (where the line snapped) and make sure that the blade enters the concrete evenly. DO NOT turn the saw during the cutting as this may lead to serious physical injury. This can also cause the concrete saw blade to warp, bind, or even break.
6. Walk forward and use two hands when holding the saw during the cutting process. For a smoother and more controlled cut, try raising and lowering the saw blade so that it cuts through the concrete better.
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