We all know how diamond core bits have the capacity to punch and bore a hole through walls and panels with a simple trigger of the core drill machine. In its basic form, core bits can easily penetrate brick, concrete, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain and stone surfaces as it drills from the outer portion, creating a core from its hollow center to bore a hole the size of the core bit’s mouth. This is mainly used for small shafts, plumbing, pipe works, architectural designs and other construction and DIY projects.

Now that you’ve created a hole, what happens to the core after taking it out from the hole? Any more bright ideas?

Here are some DIY stuff that you can make with the core after thumping a hole using your core bit.



Photo courtesy: Koya san via Pinterest

Might as well “make time” to make an elegant clockwork for your home using marble, granite, hardiboard or stone core slabs.



Photo courtesy: Frau Klarer via Pinterest

Concrete and stones are the most popular medium when it comes to sculpture. Not that you have your core bit slab, why not unleash your inner DaVinci by creating art pieces out of these grainy cylinders. Grab a chisel and start sculpting your next masterpiece ranging from simple tiki carvings from concrete to well-elaborated cylindrical marble home accessories.

Garden and Landscape Décor

Garden and Landscape Decor

Photo courtesy: Home Depot via Pinterest

Need an earth tone to balance the aesthetics of your garden? Use those slabs of concrete cylinders for your makeshift plant wall, or for adding additional columns, small pillars and other accessories. This will definitely accentuate your porch, patio and garden even more.

Lamps and Candle Stands

Lamps and Candle Stands

Photo courtesy: NH oslo via Pinterest

Exude a minimalist take with a touch of ingenuity with this another use of core slab from your diamond core bit by creating a concrete lamp that will add a pinch of drilling coziness to your room.

These are just some of the things you can build using the slab from your holed wall using your core bit. And speaking of which, you may check out other diamond cutting tools and equipment attachments for all your tough jobs only at Gilatools!

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