Can you imagine what hard work, time, dedication, and creativity that go into crafting a sculpture? Gila Tools likes to showcase our customer’s projects and artwork that use our products.  We like to see the creativity, form, finish, end result, and uniqueness of what our products are capable of doing. Our customer Joseph R. Cannizzaro has been one of Gila’s customers for many years and is dedicated to his artwork.   Joseph has been sculpting for 8 years and plans to continue for as long as he can.  Sculpting caught his interest, aside from being in the high technology industry, when he first moved to Florida where he met other sculptors that grabbed his attention.


“Kneeling Enchantress” By Joseph R. Cannizzaro

One of Joseph’s art pieces includes the “Kneeling Enchantress.”  Joseph’s art pieces similar to this start off as a marble block, usually from Italy.  The subject is laid out onto the block to be analyzed, and then the carving process can begin. Joseph uses diamond saw blades from Gila Tools to cut off chunks and corner pieces.  Our diamond saw blades as well as carbide saw blade are capable of cutting through marble, granite and other stones, concrete, brick, and other mason materials. Once satisfied with the rough shape, he starts filing and sanding with grinders with various grits.  Joseph uses Gila’s 4 inch Hook and Loop Flexible Back Rubber Plate.

To go with the rubber plate, he uses the 4 inch 50 grit wet and dry polishing pads on the sculpture to get a smooth and polished finish.  Our polishing pads work well to conforming to ogee and bull nose shapes surfaces. The polishing pads unique pattern also provides flexibility for concave and convex shapes such as the “Kneeling Enchantress” In the process, Joseph uses other tools like pneumatic hammers with various size chisels.  And of course, he doesn’t skip out on the old fashion method of using a hand hammer and chisel!

What Joseph likes most about the products purchased from Gila Tools is of the high quality in the products.  The feature that he likes is the long lasting sharpness of the diamond saw blade so that he may have many uses over time.   He compliments the ease of purchase credited to the knowledgeable and friendly staff, fast checkout process, and fast product delivery “I have recommended Gila Tools to my associates because they work and are easy to purchase…just go online select your product, buy it and voila…it’s delivered to your door.” — Joseph R. Cannizzaro, Sculptor Joseph continues to take sculpting lessons at the Boca Raton Art School in Florida.  Currently, he is in the process of working on another sculpture. We will have to wait and see how it turns out! If you would like to see other artworks our customers are creating, please find more photos on Facebook and Pinterest.

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