In a past article, we let you in on the genius of Barbara Hepworth, an English sculptor who had a penchant for the mystique, having a garden and a studio in an open air and space. This specific area of her home later became the foundation of the now called Barbara Hepworth Museum. On that article you also had a glimpse of one of her world-renowned artworks. Good thing for today’s sculptors, drilling a hole in stones has been made a lot easier, not to mention more precise. That is, of course, with the use of a good diamond core bit. Yes, because not all core bits are created equal.

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There are manufacturers that make your task a hundred times easier by coming up with specialty bits. Gila Tools, for example, make stone core bits, something you would want to have if you are involved in sculpture, much like the late, great Barbara Hepworth. These stone diamond core bits are specially formulated with the finest quality segments, providing only smooth, clean, and accurate cuts. They are available in different sizes for practically any drilling job. In a future article, we will show you how easy it is to drill a hole through a stone, for whether you are a sculptor aiming to bring his art to another level or an ordinary homeowner inspired by the work of Barbara and other great artists. Seeing how easy it is to drill a hole through stone may very well open doors for your imagination. Click here to know more about Barbara and her amazing works.


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But before ordering a core bit, be sure you know what exactly to use for the specific job. For more information, you may browse through this website or contact our customer hotline. Really, you want someone who will put you in the right direction.

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