Achieving a perfect hole for a counter top faucet is very convenient using a diamond core bit. 
Granite counter tops are more expensive but more durable, and that is why you also need to be sure when you’re drilling a hole on it.  You have to decide first what type of faucet you’re going to use before using that core bit.  Once you’ve started drilling, you can never replace that hole again.
Buying the right kitchen faucet that will match your counter top is also crucial.  You should know firsthand what you will install, if it is a 3-hole faucet with a spout or a single hole kitchen faucet with a single handle and spout.  Know your preferences before purchasing.
A diamond core bit comes in different types and sizes depending on your drilling requirements.  You can choose from wet concrete core bit, dry masonry core bit, and a stone/tile core bit.  This diamond tool is not only used for drilling granite counter tops but also for any hard aggregate materials such as blocks, bricks, tiles, marble, porcelain, stone, and concrete materials.
Don’t worry about the debris that it will create once you drill on that granite counter top.  This core bit comes with barrel vents, which allow the easy removal of debris, resulting to a clean, smooth, and flawless cut from top to bottom.
If you want convenience and practicality, you can install a one-piece center set faucet to match your granite counter top.  If you’re the type who wants a sleek looking kitchen counter top then, this is the right faucet for you.
Satisfaction is guaranteed when you use a top quality diamond tool such as the core bit.  Create that perfect hole and enjoy your new kitchen faucet!

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