For any power tool, it is important that they are well-taken care of to maximize their shelf lives. Band saw blades are similar to welded circular blades and are used mainly at sawmills and steel service centers. Despite having the same morphological features with circular saw blades, band saw blades are often preferred over circular blades due to less waste produced by the blade. Here are some helpful ideas to extend the life of the band saw blades that you own.

1. Breaking-in is not just for cars. Break in band saw blades not only to familiarize yourself with the blade but also to gradually introduce a foreign object that the saw blade will cut through. Break in helps because it prepares the saw blades adjust to the type of operation and performance the user will do. The first cut should be at 33% of the recommended speed and 50% of the recommended feed. Gradually increase the speeds and feeds within the next 50-100 square inches of cutting until you have reached the recommended levels.

2. Band saw blades should be tensioned properly to have straight cuts and maximize shelf life. When not in use, reduce the tension. For bi-metal band saw blades, the recommended tension is 30,000 PSI while it is advisable for carbon blades to achieve a 25,000 PSI. Keep in mind that excessive tension will cause the saw blade to break and consequently damage the machine while not having enough tension will produce crooked cuts and blade damage.

3. Chips are often formed when cutting with band saw blades. If you see fine, powdery chips, it means that there is insufficient feed pressure. Coarse and heavy-burned chips, on the other hand, are due to excessive feed pressure.

4. Cutting fluids greatly aid metals because it helps produce cooler and cleaner cuts, not to mention prolong the life of your band saw blades. Cast iron, bearing bronze, and die tool steel should not be used with fluids.

5. Each time the speed or feed is increased, check the chip texture and color to ensure that you are having a proper cut.

6. The guide arms should be as close to the work as possible. It should be positioned properly so the blade can run straight and free. Too much space will cause blade distortion, crooked cuts, or blade failure.

Take care of band saw blades to maximize its shelf life. Additionally, when working with power tools, safety is of outmost importance. Diamond-based cutting tools are made with the highest quality to ensure highest performance so make sure that they are regularly maintained and well taken care of.

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