In a recent article, we brought you back the great artist, Barbara Hepworth. In there we showed you a glimpse of the Barbara Hepworth Museum, which as we described was a garden and studio in an open air and space.


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If in any way you were inspired to adapt whatever positive points you find in that article, we are more than glad to get you closer to your dream spot by showing you how to drill through stone. It’s easy – all you need is a good diamond core bit affixed to a core drill. Those and the necessary safety gear to avoid any injury or further damage to the stone.

First thing to make sure when using a core bit to drill through stone is to make sure you are using the right kind of bit and that you know how to properly affix it to the drill. If you are trying to drill for, say a hand rail post, a drill that has clutch for safety is just the right kind of equipment for the job. This is very important to avoid injuring your wrists when the drill twists and you can’t control it. For other jobs, a simple hand-held drill should be good enough.

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Mark on the area you want to cut, and when you have your safety glasses on and you’re ready to start drilling, be reminded that there is no need to apply excessive force on the stone, as it may cause unwanted damage. Aim at the surface and slowly start drilling with just the right force. To keep the bit from overheating, you will need to apply some cutting oil. Doing so will also keep dust particles away from the hole.

For a faster, more precise cut, you may want to look into manufacturers like Gila Tools that make specialty core bits.




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