Attached to a saw, a diamond blade will give you the strength and resiliency you need to cut hard materials. It can be used either in wet or dry application. Truly, it is one of the most versatile tools out there.


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Because it is used and abused oftentimes at occupational levels and on the toughest conditions, the diamond blade will need some cleaning. Doing so will not only keep your diamond blade looking new, but it will also help make it last longer. By keeping it free from dirt you are actually preserving its cutting potential.

Cleaning the diamond blade is actually very easy; you won’t need soap or any cleaning solution. It is important to do it properly so as not to damage the blade. Here’s how to do it:

– Before the actual cleaning, make sure the blade isn’t worn. If it is, then cleaning won’t restore
it fully and you may even have to replace it. But if it just had acquired dirt from all the
cutting you’ve been doing, then cleaning will help restore its strength and appearance.

– First thing you need to do is to look for a piece of concrete where you can run the blade on, and
make sure it’s big enough.

– Start the saw and run it through the concrete, making only shallow cuts. Do it on different
angles. A good 10 to 15 seconds should be good enough to clean your diamond blade and make it feel
brand new during operation.

See that’s about how easy it is. You don’t even need water. Just be sure to do it slowly and with a rather calculated approach. For more tips regarding diamond blades and practically anything about construction, be sure to keep to this page.

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