A marble is widely used in kitchen counter tops, bathroom floors, living room floors, and other construction requirements.  To keep the characteristic of this wonderful rock, you need to use a top quality diamond tool that can be trusted, and that’s when a diamond core bit comes in.  A core bit will bring out that perfect hole in your marble. Here’s how:
1.    Prepare all necessary tools such as your safety goggles, gloves and of course your diamond core bit.
2.    You have to create a rough surface in the marble for your drill bit not to slip due to the marble’s smooth surface.  You can either use your masonry drill tip to scratch the top or you can use other sanding materials.
3.    After creating that rough surface, you may now start with the drilling process.  Maintaining a slow pace and keeping the power at a minimum is a must.  This is just to maintain contact with the marble.
4.    To avoid damage on your drill bit, make sure that you have a water bottle with you.  This can cool off your drill bit and the keep the hole wet to avoid overheating due to friction caused by drilling the marble.
5.    Keep it slow until a certain depth is achieved.  Remember not to hit or over drill the marble for it can easily break.
Diamond core bits are not only used for drilling marbles.  This diamond tool comes in different varieties depending on your drilling requirements.  If you want a perfect hole, a core bit would come in handy. 
Diamond core bits can hold up even in high pressure and extreme heat.  That is why this laser welded diamond tool is widely used when it comes to drilling concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard aggregate materials.
With these tips, drilling a hole in a marble is not too much of a daunting task.

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