There is no such thing as creating a perfect hole accidentally.  It has to be intentional.  You have to deliberately get the best diamond core bit to do it and add to it a drilling guide. Your drilling life will be easier and a lot faster. Drilling guides get the job done in a more efficient way.

There are different types of drill guides to choose from depending on your hole requirement and the size of your core bits. The image on your left is a drilling guide that only uses a suction base and a drill guide ring. It is user friendly and more efficient. You only have to determine the spot where you want your hole to be, put on the suction base, and then drill the hole.

Below are 5 Easy steps on how to use this drilling guide:

1. Align the drill ring to the suction base.
2. Twist the drill ring clockwise to tighten.
3. Determine the spot for your hole.
4. Fill the Suction base with water.
5. Start Drilling.

Aside from giving you a precise cut and a clean workplace, a drill guide keeps the core bit in its exact position to prevent skipping from one spot to another. The result is an accurate hole.

A high quality diamond tool such as the diamond core bit is used for drilling concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard aggregate materials. Although this diamond tool is laser welded and can hold up even under extreme heat and cutting pressure, the drill guide will also help in cooling down the core bit during drilling because of the water inside the suction base.

A drilling guide comes hand in hand with a core bit considering its usefulness on different surface finishes. Use only the best drill guide for a high quality diamond tool.

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