Because of its glazed finish, porcelain is a popular material for kitchen sinks. It has a rather porous inside, is durable, water-proof, and corrosion- and stain-resistant. It’s for these reasons why it is highly in demand as material in making kitchen sinks. Conversely, these properties also make it hard to drill without shattering.


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The thing is, you cannot do away with having to drill holes through porcelain sink when you have to do some home improvement projects, like when installing water filter. Thankfully, certain tools make the job fast and easy.

Enter diamond core bit.

This specialized core bit, when affixed to a drill, makes drilling through porcelain a whirlwind of a task. But there’s a way to do it properly and efficiently. For this, you will need the following:


     Diamond core bit

     Tape measure

     Duct tape


     Safety eyewear

     Cutting oil

1. On the spot where you are to do the drilling, put duct tape. This will hold the diamond core bit in place when you start drilling.

2. Make a precise measurement of where the hole needs to go, and then mark the spot on the duct tape.

3. At an approximately 90-degree angle, aim the core bit onto the markers on the duct tape before you start drilling. This right angle will help yield better cuts.


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4. You can now start drilling through the duct tape. Be sure to begin slowly, and keep steady when you get the feel of it. Don’t push too hard on the drill, and after every 30 seconds, put in some cutting oil on the bit to keep it from overheating. This will also wash away waste particles away from the hole. Do as you did if you need to cut more holes.

Don’t forget to wear safety eyewear when working on such project. Even for something as simple as this, maintain safety at all times.




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