Did you know that a diamond blade is actually a grinder? Instead of cutting its way through concrete, asphalt, granite, or any other material, it grinds its way through. In order to keep a diamond saw blade functioning at optimum level, the face of the tiny fragments of diamond fused to the saw blade must be regularly worn away. Otherwise, the blade becomes dull and when subject to further cutting, gets unusually hot. The frequency of dressing a diamond blade is really up to you. You can always dress it prior to making a cut or you can do it when the blade starts to dull.
This is where a dressing stick comes in. It is used to hone the face of the diamond fragments. In this article, we’ll teach you how to dress your diamond blade using a dressing stick and a marker. We always advocate safety first, so don’t forget your safety goggles.
1. Put the dressing stick flat on the bed of the diamond saw. Make sure it is at a right angle to the blade.
2. Hold the stick firmly down. Turn the saw on and pull the spinning blade all the way through the dressing stick.
3. Draw an arrow on the side of the blade after the first time it has been dressed. This will help you remember which direction the blade was spinning when it was honed for the first time. A blade should be dressed only in one direction. Otherwise, it will be damaged.
For more tips in handling diamond blades, keep reading this blog.
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