Glass tiles are a very trendy material and works very well in kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles are stylish, attractive and are also very durable. Glass tiles do not absorb moisture and do not become discolored. They are very easy to maintain and easy to install with the help of a diamond blade. Glass tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors.

If you want to have a precise size, shape and cut for your preferred style, a diamond blade is really the best tool especially for those who are the do-it-yourself type of guy.

There are different types of diamond saw blades that you can choose from. These include general purpose blades, multi-purpose blades, concrete blades, asphalt blades, masonry blades, brick blades, block blades, demolition blades, ductile iron blades, tuck point blades, glass blades, porcelain blades, tile blades, granite blades, and concave blades. For today’s DIY project, we will use a super sharp type of a diamond blade, which is the glass tile blade.

These tiles should be cut on a wet saw using a diamond blade designed for cutting glass. A blade for cutting glass is thin, has smaller diamonds than a tile blade, has a continuous rim and generally runs at a slower speed. It is cut with the glazed side up; the rotation of the diamond saw blade should go through the glass from the glossy side. Prepare water to cool off the blade when needed.

These diamond blades comes also with accessories that you can also purchase as your need arises.

Always put in mind that glass is breakable. Because it is fragile and delicate, you would really need professional tools such as these diamond blades.

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