Glass is fragile. You can easily break it if not handled with extreme care. Drilling a hole in a glass is should likewise be handled with extreme care. This is when you will need a high quality and a dependable diamond core bit. A perfect hole is never created by luck or by chance. It is always created with the right kind of tool.

A diamond core bit will help you in installing and realigning glass door guides, handles and hinges. It may seem difficult to handle but if you have the right kind of diamond tool, it will be like drilling in other types of surfaces

Here are 5 steps on how to drill a hole in the glass door cabinet:

1. Detach the glass door from the cabinet Put the glass on top of a wood or a flat surface.
2. Determine the exact location of the holes that you want to create. Use a measuring tape to ensure accuracy of distance between the holes Use markers to mark the location.
3. Once done measuring and pinpointing the exact location, get putty and try to make a string out of it. Then form a circle from the putty or you can simply follow the markers and apply the putty around it. The putty should be pressed down towards the glass making sure that is in contact with the glass door.
4. Pour in a quarter of water inside the putty If there is any leak, just press the putty This will help in cooling your core bit as you drill through the glass door.
5. Wear your work gloves and safety glasses to avoid any untoward incidents. Get the drill that fits your hole size requirement and start drilling using a diamond core bit. Make sure that you’re not pressing down on the glass while drilling Take it slowly and stop every 10 seconds. Repeat the steps for the other glass doors.

Remember, glass is brittle so never discount the need for a high quality diamond core bit.

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