Preparing the surface is very important before you can proceed with epoxy flooring.  A diamond cup wheel will definitely play an important role in profiling your floor.
Below are 3 Easy Steps to ensuring a porous surface before applying that epoxy coating:
1.     Get a cup of water and spill it on the floor.  If that wet portion turns dark as soon as the water touches the floor, it means that the surface is porous and applying the epoxy is already possible.
2.     Should the water blob up and does not go through the floor quickly, then it’s not porous.  You will definitely need to grind the floor using a cup wheel.  A diamond cup wheel is a metal-bonded tool with diamond segments welded and it’s used for grinding and polishing hard surfaces.
3.     After grinding the floor with a cup wheel, you can now check for cracks on the floor.  Applying a patching compound can easily repair small cracks.  Bigger cracks would need the aide of a diamond cup wheel.
After ensuring the porosity of the floor, you are now ready to apply the mixture for your epoxy flooring. 
Diamond cup wheels are essential in profiling your floor before any applications of epoxy is done.   A cup wheel also comes with big holes for efficient dust collection.  Using a diamond cup wheel can control even the toughest compound.  Its turbo style arranged segments makes this cup wheel grind faster.
This floor grinding head can also be used for removing not only epoxy but for resins, urethane and other concrete coating removal.
The objective is to create a porous surface for a long lasting epoxy flooring with the aide of a cup wheel.

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