Handrails are important especially to the elderly and the disabled people.  This helps a person go up and down the stairs with ease and a sense of security.
Installing it on a marble tile is another story.  Follow these simple steps on how you can install your handrails with the help of a core bit for handrails.
1.     Determine the size of the whole that you will create.  You have to know the diameter or the dimensions of the handrail before creating that hole.  To be more accurate with the measurements, read the instructions manual that comes with the railings.
2.     Prepare the necessary tools that you need.  Choose the right diamond tools to use.  Prepare your safety goggles and gloves as well.
3.     When you have determined the right depth and diameter, it’s now time to drill into the marble.  Since marbles are slippery in nature, you have to be very careful in using your core bit to avoid accidents.  Creating a rough surface with the use of masonry drill will ease the process.
4.     To maintain contact with the surface of the marble, you have to keep the power at a minimum and maintain a very moderate pacing.
5.     Once you’ve achieved that perfect hole using your diamond core bit, you can now dry-fit your handrails and see if it fits perfectly.  Make the necessary adjustments if needed.
6.     After the necessary adjustments, you can now pour in the adhesives or cement to seal the hole to make the handrail stable.  Make sure that all fittings and brackets have been properly installed. 
A diamond core bit can be utilized in different types of surfaces such as concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, porcelain, and stones.  It also comes with accessories that can help you with your DIY projects such as the shank adapter, extension shafts, drilling guide kit and the drilling guide itself.
A high diamond concentration separates the core bit from other drilling tools, helping you achieve a superior cutting performance and an enhanced productivity.  A perfect hole for a handrail project can easily be achieved through a core bit because of its hollow center.

For easier DIY projects, get the help of a reliable and top quality diamond blade tool.

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