Lampposts will not only bring beauty to your lawn but it adds security to the whole house.  Installing this is so easy and you can do it in just an hour or two with the help of your core bit.
Follow our 5 easy steps below:
1.     Dig up a hole with the your diamond core bit depending on the diameter of the post that you are installing.  A deeper and wider hole is needed as the exposed post gets taller.  Check the manufacturer’s manual for the accurate depth and width requirement just to make sure that you have a more stable post.
2.     Fill in the bottom part of the hole with gravel to prevent water from accumulating, which will eventually cause the post to rust.
3.     You must dig up a small trench next to the hole to make way for the wiring that will light up your post.  A plastic pipe conduit will be laid in this small trench to safely install the wire from your house down to the post.  You can choose different diamond tools in digging up your trench.
4.     Pour the concrete to the hole and to your trench.  To make it more stable, you can tie the lampposts using ropes and stake it in the ground.  Using a level to ensure its plumb is also advisable.
5.     As soon as the concrete hardens, you can now continue with your wiring.  Just make sure that you follow electrical safety measures.  If you’re not sure with this, you can call your professional electrical installer.
Drilling on concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard aggregate materials is never a problem if you are using a diamond core bit.  A high diamond concentration makes a core bit superior when it comes to cutting and creating that perfect hole.
Doing it yourself adds more excitement and fulfillment to whatever projects you have in mind.  Having the right tools such as the diamond core bit will boost that excitement even more!
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