In the last article, we listed the advantages of subcontracting, and for this one, we will let you know why you may want to think it over even more.

Here are the disadvantages of hiring a subcontractor:


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Less control – Because the main contractor has already passed certain responsibilities to a subcontractor, they will have less control over that particular aspect of the project. Yet if something goes wrong, it is not only the subcontractor’s reputation that gets tarnished, but also the contractor’s.

Building a relationship may not come easy – A particular subcontractor may have a good reputation. But until they completed a job for you, only then will the contractor feel they really made a great choice. There are policies and decisions that the two parties may not agree with. Remember, you are entrusting an important job to another party, there is always the possibility that it may not work well.

Below standard work ethics – Although subcontractors are perceived experts in their field, it is not a guarantee that they will meet the contractor’s standards. At some point the contractor may feel it would have been better had they not outsource for a specific project, especially if they have full knowledge of how things are done.

May cause delays – While it will generally hasten things as mentioned on the first part of this article, delays may still arise from disagreements and when expectations aren’t met. Simple disputes on where to purchase tools like the diamond core bit may spark blown out arguments. In this case, not just time, but even resources may be affected.

As aforementioned, entrusting an important job to another party may or may not work well. It is the contractor’s responsibility to arrive at a decision that will be advantageous to the company, one that will make the execution of the project run smoothly and efficiently.

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