The goal of the filmmaker is to create and make the viewers believe the reality behind the illusion that they have created.  They recreate the place in such a way that it would look like it was a real place in our world today or in centuries past.  Creating this illusion is possible through construction of infrastructures that would somehow depict that particular time and place.  The use of diamond tools such as a high quality core bit or a diamond blade would really help the design team and the art directors in building these real life buildings.
So how do they achieve this feeling of reality in a movie full of illusions?  It all starts with the idea of the Production Designer.  The idea is then transferred to a scale model.  This is purely the set designer’s job.  This miniature model together with the floor plans and the elevation are then presented to stage managers for actualization of the set.  They make sure that everything on the design are rendered and will run just as the designer intended it to look like.
Next stop are the carpenters.  The master carpenter will now start building the set.  Mind you, it can be in any order or some may call the set designer using a different title.  Going back to the carpenter’s job, they will ensure that all drawings, sketches and miniatures’ requirements are all available such as the lumber, boards, power tools and other materials needed.
Diamond tools such as a diamond blade, a core bit and all other stuff like these are essential to a movie’s set design.  They make the work of a carpenter or a builder easier.  Since time and money are greatly valuable during the movie making stages, everyone involved should work as expected, with speed and quality.
Remember the movie Matrix Reloaded?  This second installment of the Matrix trilogy had a lot of set designs that needed diamond tools.  They had to build a 1.4-mile, three-lane loop highway for a particular chase scene on the decommissioned Alameda Point Navy Base.  To build this freeway, one would definitely need to use a special diamond tool.  After the shot was made, the structure was destroyed completely.  There were a lot of scenes in this movie where they had to recreate another world and it definitely needed tools such as core bits and saw blades to fulfill their requirements.
Indeed diamond tools are not limited to the conventional construction industry.  Structures in the movie industry of this generation would definitely require special tools to help in achieving their goal of creating that illusion of reality.

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