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Marble is a natural stone commonly used in architecture and in creating sculptures. It is likewise a great material for your kitchen counter tops and bathroom shower walls. Some households use marble for bookshelves, aside from other things.

All of these are possible because marble slabs can easily be styled to your desired form.  This is achieved by cutting with a diamond blade. And because there are manufacturers that make specialty blades, the job can get even faster and easier, not to mention more precise.

In cutting marble slabs, you will need the following:

–          Safety glasses

–          Masking tape

–          Tape measure

–          Plywood sheet

–          Clamps

–          Two sawhorses

–          Masonry saw

–          4-inch dry-use angle grinder

So, how do you do it?

  1. For your guideline, measure the area to be cut and mark it with masking tape.
  1. Ensure that you have a flat working surface. Place a piece of plywood across two sawhorses. For smaller pieces, the cutting can be done on the grass, just be sure it’s a level area.
  1. Before cutting, pattern the depth of the saw to the thickness of the marble slab. Use the clamp to keep the slab in place.
  1. With your safety glasses on, you may now proceed to the cutting. Turn on the saw and run the blade through the slab along your markers. Be sure you do it slowly and accurately.
  1. Trim the edges using an angle grinder with a diamond cup wheel.


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As aforementioned, there are manufacturers that make specialty blades. Gila Tools, for example, has in their line a variety of marble blades for even more specific applications. Be sure to contact our friendly customer service hotline for all the information you need in cutting marble slabs.








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