Cutting hardened concrete is usually done to incorporate aesthetic joints or electric chases. Given the hardness of set concrete, this may seem like a job for construction professionals only. But you can actually do this yourself with the help of the right construction tools and equipment, namely the circular concrete saw.
Before getting on the actual project, it is important to note that the use of a concrete saw is vital because a regular saw may strain the cutting process. Regular saws are designed to cut through “softer” material and may not stand up to the challenge of cutting through concrete. As this is a construction project, safety should be paramount. Make sure to keep the saw’s plug and the extension cord off the ground to avoid electric shock as you will be using water.
1. Using a lumber pencil and a tape measure, mark the start point of the groove.
2. Mark the next point (using the same procedure as step one) and the succeeding points of the groove (assuming the groove is going to be more than a straight line).
3. Now, connect the chalk line from the first point to the next while pulling the string as tightly as you can over the surface of the concrete. You can have someone assist you to hold the string.
4. Pull the string an inch from the surface and then release. It will then create a thin, straight chalk mark which you will use to make the groove cut. Repeat the process for other groove lines.
5. Set the diamond blade to your desired groove depth and turn on the water hose for a small trickle. Do not use large amounts of water.
6. Now, turn on the concrete saw and ease the diamond blade into the chalk mark. Once it is completely cutting in the concrete, slowly push it following the chalk line while applying small amounts of water to minimize dust and help you make smoother cuts.
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