Cast iron pipes were originally used during the 14thcentury for cannons.  But during the 19th century, it was already used as a pressure pipe for water, gas and sewage transmission.  Cutting a cast iron pipe during that era would require having a hammer and a chisel.  But this will entail longer hours and inaccurate cuts.  Using a diamond blade such as the ductile iron blade will definitely shorten the agony and make the job faster.
A diamond blade will not only give you faster work and accurate cuts but it will also save you time and money.  Diamond saw blades come in different varieties.  Aside form the ductile iron blade, you can choose from general purpose blades, multi-purpose blades, concrete blades, asphalt blades, brick blades, block blades and a whole lot selections for specific needs.  The circular discs on high quality diamond blades are embedded with diamonds.  The cores are precision made with slots to provide you with faster cooling in between segments.
A cast iron pipe is basic to all houses built before the 1960s, hence a need to know how to cut one.   But because of its unique distinction of being brittle, you need to have a quality tool to help you in cutting the pipe.  One of the ways to cut it is with the use of a snap cutter.  It breaks or cuts the iron pipe at a specific place.  This method is however a bit tedious. Today, cast iron pipes are still widely used and cutting one has become a lot easier, thanks to diamond saw blades. The ductile iron blade will not only make cutting faster, it will also give you a precise cut.  The other cutting methods mentioned will either give you a jagged or an uneven cut while this will give you just the opposite.
Knowing how to cut the cast iron pipe in your house is essential as these pipes play a critical part inside your house.  Getting a high quality and a reliable diamond tool such as the ductile iron blade is as important as having the knowledge in cutting one.

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