The construction business makes it easy to cut brick pavers with circular saws equipped with diamond blades. There are techniques that individuals can make do-it-yourself projects easy as well. For example, patios made of brick pavers are easy to install with some patience and a circular saw with diamond blades, among other tools. With the right diamond blade, any circular saw can become a masonry saw because saws equipped with diamond blades can easily cut through stone.

1. First, install the diamond blade on the circular saw. The cutting depth of the saw should be adjusted to be just a quarter inch less than the thickness of the brick paver. This ensures that you only cut the brick and not the work surface. Instruction manuals for circular saws usually provide the proper means on how to install diamond blades on circular saws.
2. Using a ruler and a pen, measure the brick paver and mark where the brick should be cut. A carpenter’s triangle helps make a straight line: just line one edge of the triangle on the edge of the paving stone and use the other edge to draw the cutting line.
3. Protect yourself from dust, flying debris, and other dangerous objects with the use of a dust mask and safety goggles. Use an extra paving stone as a cutting surface on which to lay the brick to be cut. Hold the brick firmly but without letting your fingers get close to the path of the diamond blade.
4. Following the pencil mark, cut the stone by pushing the saw away from you as you cut. Break the stone gently along the cut edge with your hands or simply tap it lightly with a rubber mallet to finish the cut.
Diamond blades are meant to make cutting surfaces easier. Paired with the appropriate saw, diamond blades can cut just about anything from granite surfaces to marble surfaces. Contact your local diamond blades manufacturers for more information on diamond cutting tools.
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