Japanese are known for their creativity and optimizing their resources.  Take a look at their uniquely designed public restroom, featuring an arrow-shaped surface with holes in the walls. This project was designed and conceptualized by Japanese architectural firm Future Studio and is now dubbed as the “Absolute Arrows.”

With this new concept, a diamond core bit would be the right tool to make this design easier and more efficient. A core bit will absolutely suit this type of project and will definitely produce a perfect circular hole and would make the job lighter in achieving that aperture.  A  hollow center of  diamond core bit makes it easier to bore a hole in any hard aggregate material such as concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain and stone.  As shown on the image, these circular holes have different sizes.  A diamond core bit comes in different selections depending on the size requirement and can be utilized from soft to hard aggregate with light to heavy steel reinforcement.  This diamond tool can hold up even under extreme heat and cutting pressure giving you a seamless cutting performance and a flawless hole. 

Now, aside from aesthetics, what are the holes for in this public restroom? The holes greatly help in minimizing the foul smell from the inside of this public restroom.  Aside from better ventilation, these holes can give the local government huge savings from low energy consumption.  Light can penetrate well eliminating the use of light bulbs during daytime.
Twelve of these arrow-shaped restrooms were first constructed in Hiroshima Japan and completed just two years ago.  Aside from its energy saving feature and well-ventilated space, this design is one-of-a-kind. To achieve unparalleled structures such as these, using top quality diamond tools and diamond blades will certainly be needed.

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