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Fish tank pets are now becoming a well-known form of relaxation.  After a day’s hard work, one can simply sit and enjoy watching how the fishes interact with each other.  The different color of the fishes inside the 4-walled tank relaxes the eye of the hobbyist.  The amazing thing about fish is the giant collection of shapes, sizes and colors that would definitely add up to the internal look of your house.
Now buying your preferred tank is practically easy but building your own aquarium adds up to the excitement.  For the installation of fittings and drains, you would definitely need a glass-cutter and a core bit.  As the tank’s filtration system relies on water entering and exiting the tank, it is essential to have a dependable means of draining water from tanks to the sump. This is where holes drilled in the tank are important; hence, the need for a diamond core bit.
A diamond core bit is a tool used for drilling concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, glass, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard aggregate materials.  Core bits are designed with a high diamond concentration for better-quality cutting performance.  You can choose from wet concrete, dry masonry and stone/tile core bits.  If you want a perfect circle for your tank, you should definitely have this tool with you.
One can select from a full range of core bit depending on sizes for virtually any job.  Diamond core bit is used for core drilling from thin to thick applications of concrete, cured concrete, masonry, stones, tiles, and the like.  Diamond core bits come laser welded, allowing the diamond tool to hold up even under extreme heat and cutting pressure.  So if you want a perfect hole for your fish tank, use a core bit in installing those filtration and drainage systems.
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