A concrete saw is a power tool that the construction industry uses for cutting concrete, masonry, tile, and other solid materials. Also known as a consaw or road saw, a concrete saw comes in many different variations. It could be a hand-held cut-off saw or a walk-behind saw. It can be powered by gasoline, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, or electricity.

Similar to other power tools, a concrete saw can have different types of blade attached to it. It can have a chain, circular, or jig blade. The main technology behind it is its abrasive or diamond blade cutting technology. Used for either dry or wet cutting, a concrete saw has the ability to withstand the heat from intense friction while having the capacity to cool down rapidly; this ability makes it extremely efficient for industrial workers.

When it comes to a concrete saw’s benefits in the workplace, it is important to know that it can cut through many materials such as brick, concrete, and cement. Contractors have used it for commercial projects such as road repair and replacement to improve road safety. For individuals or home use, the concrete saw is useful for smaller home projects like renovating the driveway, retaining the wall, or replacing or repairing the patio.

When selecting the right concrete saw for a specific project, it helps to know that hand-held concrete saws are highly favored for home renovation because it is affordable and it has been rated for its great performance. Hydraulic-powered heavy duty concrete saw is the best left to the professionals – construction contractors who are known in doing heavy works and have the budget to make such an investment.

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