Ah, outdoor deck… what character you can bring to any home.


When it comes to building a deck, the materials obviously play a major role. One needs to consider durability when deciding what materials to use. You want your deck to withstand any weather disturbance. For this reason, hardwood could be your top pick – if you don’t mind all the maintenance it demands.

If you’re not much into the sanding, resealing and regular cleaning, then composite decking should serve you well.

Composite decking is generally a mixture of recycled plastic and wood. Though it may not have the durability that hardwood is known for, it is still strong and will certainly save you money and time from maintenance. This is because composite decking does not shrink or swell because of moisture. Also, it is able to repel insects so you wouldn’t have to worry about termites, and with extra caution, you may be doing away with the occasional repairs and give your tools like diamond core bit a holiday.


Many builders recommend the use of composite decking because it has a longer lifespan than ordinary wood mainly because it doesn’t warp or rot. After all, it cuts, installs, and looks like real wood. Soldiers of green living will find comfort in the fact that composite decking is environment-friendly because of how it is made. The wood and plastic used to make composite decking can be made from totally cast-off materials. They will then be mixed and processed to give the appearance of real wood.

There are two types of composite decking: solid and hollow. Between the two, solid is naturally heavier and simulates wood better. As to what you should use, it all depends on your project. For information on how to build deck on your backyard, please keep to this blog.



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