Safety is the first and top priority in any construction project.  In the United States alone, 6.5 million workers are working at any given day in almost 250 thousand job sites across the nation.  Fatal injury is highest in the construction industry as compared to any industry for this matter.  Although saw blades are not considered as one of the main reasons for fatal injury, anyone using saw blades in any job or project should still be on the defensive side.  Imagine having the wrong core bit in drilling a concrete and while you think that it will not matter, it suddenly breaks and flies away towards your hands or towards your eye.  Always be on the defensive side.
Just like in cutting using a saw blade, it is always better to have the right blade for your machine.  Having the wrong can still cut the material that you are cutting but in the long run, the blade will just wear off easily.  Your machine will burn out because of pressure and the probability of endangering yourself and the people working around you is getting higher.
So how do you chose the right miter saw blade for your machine?  Read the list below for some guidelines on how you can get the right blade for your miter saw.
1.     Check the manual.  Make sure that you know the bore size of the blade for your requirement.  Your blade should match your saw to get the maximum performance of both the saw and the blade.  Bigger blade doesn’t mean bigger and better results.  The manual will also tell you the maximum and minimum diameter of the blade that you will use.  The specifications of the blade are usually etched on the blade itself, so check the blade.
2.     Determine the application.  Are you cutting aluminum or a plastic?  Do you need a high quality saw blades for wood or for a vinyl siding?  These are the question that can guide you in choosing the right blade for the right application.
3.     Check the Teeth.  The quality and the output of the cut.   More teeth, more accurate and finer cut.  The shape of the blade’s teeth will also impact the quality of the cut.  Make sure that you check with a professional if you don’t know how it would look like using different types of teeth.
4.     Height matters even with blades.  Having the right height of blade for the machine would mean accurate cut and optimum cutting performance, lesser resistance and vibration.
Being safe is essential.  But being right in choosing your blades is also important.  Buy the best diamond saw blade from your most trusted supplier now.

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