Previous entries in this blog have shared tips on how to select diamond blades according to specific jobs and the nature of the cutting surface. This time, we will further expound on the features of the diamond blade based on diamond segments. This can further assist you in choosing the right diamond blade for the project you are about to begin. First off, it should be noted that a diamond blade’s features include its grit or size, toughness and concentration, and the bond’s hardness and abradability. Keep in mind that all these factors are important because they should match the nature of the stone to be cut.super-duty-turbo-diamond-blade

When deciding the appropriate diamond blade to use according to the nature of the stone, here are a few helpful tips:

1. If the stone is hard and with high density, the diamond blade should have small grits, or small-sized diamond with a high toughness and low concentration (about 25-30%). Keeping this combination guarantee cutting efficiency, especially if accompanied by a softer bond so the newer diamonds can be easily exposed.

2. For stones with low hardness, the sizes of the diamonds can be bigger, with toughness on the medium-scale and a higher concentration. Not only can this combination produce cutting efficiency, it can also prolong the diamond blade’s life. The bond chosen should have better abradability for a longer diamond blade life.

3. Finally, stones that have high abradability should be matched with diamond blades that have bigger sized diamonds, higher toughness, and maximum concentration to achieve the best cutting efficiency. Additionally, the bond should be harder with good abradibility.

Diamond blades according to use:

1. For cutting surfaces, diamond blades with big diameters should have a high toughness material, with sizes ranging from 36#-60# grit. To achieve the highest cutting efficiency, combine low concentration and bond with good abradability to also prolong the blade’s life.

2. Diamond blades with smaller diameters are used for cutting borders. Choosing the right diamond blade for this job means the diamonds should have medium toughness, with a grit ranging from 40#-70# to improve cutting quality. Partner it with a bond that can easily expose diamonds to ensure a smooth cutting quality, without the loss of edges and corners. provides a wide array of diamond-based products ranging from diamond blades, diamond core bit, and diamond cup wheels. The online construction industry supplier also offers power tools such as gas cut off saws, concrete saws, and tile saws.

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