Efficiency and quality should always go hand in hand.  If you want excellent results, you need to have an excellent tool to go help you achieve it.  A high quality diamond tool such as a diamond saw blade, cup wheel or a masonry saw would absolutely bring out the best in your work. 
Follow this formula as a guideline whenever you are working and if you’re a bit doubtful in choosing the best tool for your job.
Excellent Work + High Quality Tools = Outstanding Results
Going back to choosing the right tools, one needs to consider some questions in order to get the best in the market.  Whether you’re a carpenter, a mason or a stoneworker, you need to be intentional in getting your tools.  If you want an optimum result, don’t just rely on you’re skills, get high quality tools as your partners in building those projects.  Here are some considerations that you need to answer to guide you in choosing the best tool out there:
·      Work Load– how long do you work every day and how long will you use your tool in a day?  This is very important to determine what type of masonry saw you would purchase.  Working with a heavier tool for 8 hours a day is somehow tiring and might affect your performance.  If you’re considering stability, a heavier saw might give you just that.
·      Style – Considering the style of the blade and the cost of replacing it is also a good consideration.  What if the saw breaks, how much will a replacement cost you?  Is it easy to use and easy to dismantle?  This can also affect your work in terms of speed as hard to install blades can hinder you from doing your work faster.
·      Maintenance– This is very important for it will determine the lifespan of your saw.  How do you maintain it and how do you clean it?  These are some of the questions that you need to ask the manufacturer to ensure quality of output of that tool.
·      Function– Do you need a wet saw or a dry saw?  Would you require faster cutting speed?  Are you allergic to dust?  Answer these questions and you would know what to buy.  Dry saw cuts faster but produces too much dust while a wet saw cuts a bit slower but keeps the dust down at a minimum level.
·      Portability – If you are required to bring these tools from one site to another, you might want to consider its ability to be transported without any hassle.  Go for the portable ones!

Having the right skill with the right diamond tool will produce the right results.

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