For the construction industry, there are many diamond blades that are manufactured with both a general and specific purpose in mind. For example, asphalt or green concrete blades are specifically designed to cut through asphalt or green concrete because these diamond blades have the quality to produce supreme cutting performance needed for extremely abrasive cutting. General purpose diamond blades, on the other hand, are also called masonry blades as they can be used to cut through various masonry surfaces such as bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stones such as granite, marble, and limestone.

Knowing when to use a general purpose diamond blade versus an application specific one is crucial to have that smooth finish without ruining the blade’s life. Here are a few ideas to think about when deciding on this matter.

General purpose diamond blades can cut through a wide variety of different surface materials. For jobs that are simple and small with a quick finish, general purpose blades should be used. Additionally, general purpose diamond blades are ideal for home use, not needing the frequent change of blades for each purpose. For construction beginners, using general purpose blades is a good start. With the right type of saw, practicing simple construction jobs with general purpose blades should offer beginners the chance to perfect each cut in an uncomplicated manner.

Application-specific diamond blades, on the other hand, are ideal for professional contractors. While non-professional individuals can also use application-specific diamond blades, these tools are perfect for contractors because they often have big projects that require more precise and powerful cutting techniques. Specific diamond blades can also be used for projects that are scheduled in advance, giving the saw user time to prepare or purchase the right kind of diamond blade for the project. Additionally, experienced saw users usually prefer specific diamond blades because they have no problem switching blades from time to time, chalking each project to experience. The different application-specific diamond blades include brick blades, block blades, glass tile blades, and concave blades, just to name a few.

As a general rule, general purpose diamond blades are used if cost per blade is more important than cost per cut, whereas application specific diamond blades are used if cost per cut is more important than cost per blade, since general purpose diamond blades are less expensive if you calculate the cost per blade and vice versa.

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