The patio is an outdoor space normally constructed for dining and other family activities. Most of the time, it is paved. Using the right type of materials in the construction of your patio is essential.

In this article we will show you other possible materials that can be used to hopefully help you in your own construction. First off, you want something that suits your budget. Otherwise, you may just encounter problems as you go along with the installation.


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Obviously, bricks are a common choice. What’s good about bricks is that they can be laid over both sand and concrete. They are easier to handle because they are small and lightweight. An advice when installing them is to work in small sections so you can keep straight lines.

Choosing the right type of brick depends on the climate in your area. In places where the ground freezes, use bricks that are classified as SW. For areas that have rather mild climates, go for the MW type.

Concrete pavers are also a good choice because they are durable and low maintenance. One reason why pavers are likewise a popular choice is because they are dimensionally consistent, which allows for easier installation.

Because it is a natural material, stone is another popular choice for patios. They have irregular shapes so they take a little longer to install. Some of the most common stone types for patios are sandstone and slate.

If what you have is a concrete patio, ceramic tiles are good to use. To dress it up, use ceramics in thinset adhesive over concrete. The joints, of course, will be filled with grout. As opposed to other materials, tiles are easier to clean, although the glazed ones can be very slippery when wet. For areas with cold climates though, ceramic tiles aren’t advisable because they can make for the tiles to pop loose.


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Before starting any construction, be sure you have everything planned out well. Have the necessary tools like the diamond blade or diamond core bit ready. In one of the future articles we will show you how to build your own patio.


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