The importance of a good roof can never be overstated.  As to what makes a good roof, let’s start with choosing the right roofing material.

As promised, here are three more roofing materials you may want to look into, when you are choosing the right  material for your home.


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Wood shakes – Another roofing material that is big on character as it offers a variety of colors and dimensions. If you notice, wood shakes are the material of choice for homes with attics. This is because wood shakes are energy efficient and actually help in air circulation. Generally, they aren’t something you would trust with regards fire issues. Rot and insects could be a big problem, too. For these reasons, wood shakes naturally require maintenance, perhaps more than any other roofing material we’ve previously mentioned.

Clay tile – Similar to composite shingles in that they exude cleanliness, perfect for modern homes. You would normally see clay tile roofing in many European homes and southwestern homes here in the US. Fire, rot, and insects are not a problem with clay tile, but the downside is that it’s very heavy and is harder to install than others, therefore it requires extra support.

Metal – Metal roofing had its heyday in the late 1700’s, but has come back to mainstream now with more options and styles. When it comes to residential roofing, standing-seam steel is the best choice. It is unique in appearance and has that throwback look but can be very trendy. It is also very durable, easy to maintain, and has similar qualities with wood shakes when it comes to energy efficiency.

These are most popular roofing materials that are commercially available. Quality matters, keep that in mind.





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