A masonry saw is also called a circular saw or a cut-off saw and purchasing the right masonry diamond blade is crucial in masonry-related construction jobs. To know how to purchase the right masonry diamond blade for your saw, follow these tips for a clean finish on masonry materials.


1. Through a trusted online seller, purchase a masonry saw diamond blade. Some suppliers offer laser-welded split segmented high speed diamond blades that can cut through hard brick/block, cured concrete, reinforced concrete, pavers, natural stone, and other masonry materials. You can also choose to negotiate with salespersons if they try to offer you deals on multiple diamond blades.

2. Masonry saw diamond blades sizes 14”-20” are ideal for table-mounted circular saws, which means they are not handheld, a safer option for bigger projects such as brick veneers that require extensive cutting or fancy work.

3. For shallower cuts, masonry saw diamond blades in 12” (up to 3”) are the appropriate blades to use while 14” blades should be used if you require deeper cuts. You can also adjust it to a maximum of six inches (20”). Smaller diamond blades are generally safer as they are more stable to handle as compared to larger blades that tend to wobble.

4. If diamond blade retailers promise the highest quality, it should offer industrial blades with the highest diamond content for best cutting. Less expensive options are silicon-carbide blades but they do not last as long as diamond blades.

5. Wet-cut saw blades should be used for more detailed work, helping you achieve more precision cuts on harder materials such as pavers.

6. Make masonry saw diamond blades last for six months by regularly using it once a week. Daily usage will result in diamond blades having a shorter life of about three months.

When handling power tools such as diamond blades and masonry saws, always wear safety equipment such as a dust mask or respirator to protect eyes and lungs from particulates.

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