Granite is an extremely hard material. It is heat resistant so it does not blister, and marking a scratch on it is next to impossible.


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As material for kitchen countertop, granite is as popular as it gets. It is very durable, and aesthetics-wise is quite a charmer as well. When polished, a granite countertop exudes the elegant appeal most materials lack. It is for these reasons why it’s quite a popular choice among households in America. In fact, many prefer granite over marble and laminate.

Cutting something as hard as granite and other similar materials could be a ridiculously tough task if you haven’t discovered diamond tools. While cutting of granite usually takes place before it makes its way to the site of installation, there may be times, especially in home projects, when you have to do it right there and on your own.

A general purpose blade may do the job, but for better, more efficient cutting, look into manufacturers that make specialty blades. Gila Tools, for example, certainly has some for granite and similar materials. They are simply the smarter choice because they provide easier, faster, and more precise cuts. You will feel the difference the moment you start cutting especially when you have to cut edges, which most require precision. For varying effects, the edges can be beveled, flattened, rounded, or curved.

As an added tip, collars acting as washers placed on both sides of the blade willdiy-cutting effectively reduce vibration for that much-needed precision. Also, there are granite-cutting diamond blades that are intended solely for wet cutting so be sure to ask your local store personnel about this.

If you are unsure if you can pull off the job or if a new equipment is out of your budget, you can always get a professional to do it for you. Their services include everything from cutting, edging, profiling, even polishing.









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