Early on this blog, we gave tips on how to work safely with newly purchased saw blades. While it is essential to have the proper equipment, proper handling of the power tools is equally important. Here are additional tips to follow when handling that saw blade for the first time:

1. Upon receiving your new saw blades or grinding cup, check for damages that it may have incurred during shipping. It is important to securely attach the saw blade to the machine but be careful not to tighten it too much. Let it run for a minute before starting to cut a tile or a brick.

2. The most important safety gear to wear when cutting a material with a saw blade is respiratory gear. We would not want any particles going in through our noses which could potentially be dangerous in the long run. Don’t forget to keep eyes, ears, feet, and head protected too. Keep the area and your work outfit clear of any loose material that may be caught in the machinery.

3. While it is important to know saw blades, you should also be familiar with the machine you will be using. Read the safety manual and other pertinent instructions before switching that power tool on. For saws, make sure that the saw blade has a safety cover that guards at least 50% of the blade. The saw blades should never be transferred while still mounted on the machine and double check that the machine’s liquid levels are correct.

4. The right blade should be used with the right material. There are saw blades that can only be used on tiles, ceramics, and masonry. If the tool needs water in order to operate, then use water. Using the wrong tool may cause not only damage to the machine but to the operator and the tool too.

5. Have a firm hand when operating any power tool or machine. Guide the blade with a firm hand as you cut through the material and don’t force it. With diamond blades, for example, avoid cutting curves or radii and make sure that the blade does not deflect a cut.

6. Inspect it regularly for flatness on the mounting flanges, cracks, segments or damage to the arbor hole. Clean saw blades often and keep them away from residue that might have taken residence from a previous job.

There’s no such thing as being too safe when operating power tools such as these. Safety in the workplace is important not only for yourself but also for the tools, blades, and the people around you.

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