Even heavy industrial equipment like a concrete saw can get worn down from all that hard work. Slicing through concrete at 2,000 rpm a day is bound to diminish the quality of your concrete saw’s performance. Understandably, you cannot go easy on your concrete saw’s workload but you can follow these basic maintenance tips to make sure your concrete saw will always give you top quality performance.

1. Make sure to clean the air filters and lubricate the blade shaft bearings daily. Here’s a greasing tip: lubricate while the machine is running at an idle speed. Be careful not to “over grease” because this can ruin the bearing and blow out the seal.

2. Constantly check the belt tension. For new concrete saws, retighten the belt after they have been used for at least an hour. Be wary of a squealing sound which indicates that the belt needs to be tensioned. As a precaution, regularly tighten the belt tension.

3. Clean your concrete saw at the end of each work day. Cutting concrete can cause dirt and dust build up and washing it down with a water hose will remove dust and other elements.

4. When transporting your concrete saw, make sure the saw is lowered on the main frame and secured with straps to keep it from bouncing. Do not forget to remove the blades.

Concrete saws are heavy-duty industrial equipment that should be used with caution and with proper knowledge. When sawing in an enclosed area, take into consideration the gases that powered tools are likely to make. Opt for hydraulics instead. Upon purchase of a concrete saw, it is advisable to get the necessary accessories to ensure the continuous performance of the saw. Get an extra blade with a mechanized water hook-up to keep the chain at a reasonable temperature. Keeping handy diamond chains for change out is also advisable.

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