Diamond Core BitA perfect circle is never created by chance or by luck, and this holds true most especially in the world of construction. Core bit can easily bore a circle in any aggregate material to create a hole. The result is a hole the size of the drill and a smaller “core” coming from the center.

For drilling on cured and reinforced concrete, a wet concrete core bit is the right choice.  Extremely hard materials like toughened concrete normally should be drilled with water. If not the excessive heat generated during the drilling process may bring about the diamonds on the core bit to become blunt, leading to poor drilling performance.

Another type of core bit is the dry masonry core bit that is generally used for the purpose of dry drilling.  This core bit is not recommended for concrete and reinforced concrete.  You can use this on lightweight blocks, bricks, concrete blocks and lightweight bricks. (see image on the right side)
For purposes of drilling thinner applications of stones such as granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic tile, artificial and natural stone, a stone/tile core bit would be perfect for the job.  This core drill can be used either dry or wet.  This core bit is deal for angle grinder and Water fed Polisher with Max RPM 12,000 on dry or wet.  (see image on the left side)
Below are some uses of a Core Bit:
       Installation of Sump Pump
       Ventilation, Heater requirements, Air Conditioning
       Redirecting cables and wires
       Installation of Dowell Bars (see image on the right side)
       Examination of composition rock or layer
       Plumbing aperture
Bits are designed for fast penetration and are extremely cost effective.  Make it happen.  Create that perfect hole with the help of a diamond core bit.
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