When it comes to a construction project, having the right tools is not enough anymore. Knowing which right tools to purchase is the essential first step to ensure that no time and money are wasted.

In this article, we will help you answer some basic questions about purchasing and using a ceramic tile saw.

Question: How do you know which ceramic tile saw is ideal for the job?

Answer: It depends on the type of job and the type of material being cut. Other factors include depth of cut needed, size of tile being cut, size of saw blade and ease of set-up.

Question: What is the most common problem associated with tile saws? How do you deal with it?

Answer: There is no single answer to the first question. The performance of a tile saw depends on its manufacturer and user. As a rule of thumb, all tile saws and their components—water trays, cutting table rollers and pumps—should be cleaned regularly.

That aside, one common problem is blade breakage. The trick is to guide the material into the blade without pushing it. Use the tile saw’s speed control feature to adjust the sawing speed depending on the material being cut. The tighter the cut, the slower the speed needed to maintain control. Movement should be directed forward and should be gradual as you turn and push the material into the saw blade.

Question: When making wet cuts, does the water have to be clean?

Answer: While using clean water does not help make the cut better, it can prolong the life of your tile saw blade. Dirty water can cause the blade to wear faster due to higher abrasiveness in the water. It can also clog the water pump which will then lead to a reduced water spray to the blade.

As an added note, when wet cutting during winter, you may opt to cut indoors or use a water heater specially designed for use during wet cutting.

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