Porcelain tiles are now gaining popularity in the construction world.  According to Wikipedia, porcelain is 25% stronger than granite.  A top quality diamond tool that can penetrate through any hard aggregate like a porcelain tile is essential to drill a hole.
Drilling a hole using a core bit is easier because of its hollow center.  A diamond core bit is not only limited to drilling holes in porcelain tiles.  A core bit is also used in drilling through concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, stone, and other hard aggregate materials.
Here are some tips in drilling that perfect hole in a porcelain tile:
1.     Prepare your diamond core bit, safety goggles and other protective gears.
2.     Determine the size of the hole that your job requires. 
3.     To make drilling easier, use a guide plate.  Once the pattern has been established, you can now remove the guide.
4.     Drill slowly.  Use a wet sponge if needed.
5.     Fit your plumbing items before closing the hole with adhesives and cement.
Porcelain is widely used in bathroom tiles and showers because it is impermeable to water penetration.  Porcelains are also used outdoors in colder countries because of its frost resistant characteristics.
A diamond core bit comes in different selections and various bit sizes, from wet concrete core bit to dry drilling.  You can also utilize a stone or a tile drill for a more precise and smooth drilling on your porcelain tile, granite, marble, artificial and natural stone and ceramic.  This laser welded core bits come with special barrel vents that increases airflow hence dissipates heat and cools down the core bit.  These same vents allow easy removal of debris for a flawless drilling experience.
For a porcelain tile that is gaining recognition, a diamond core bit is an excellent partner.

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