There is something about clay and food that is so interesting.  Bricks are not only used for big and classy houses or for chimneys, these clay-based blocks are also excellent partners when it comes to cooking.  The clay on the brick enhances the flavor of the food, giving you a delectable cuisine.  Bricks are made from clay and sand.  It is considered as the longest lasting and one of the hardest material used in construction throughout history.  While it is considered the strongest material, it can still be drilled using a high quality diamond tool such as the core bit.
A diamond core bit is a diamond tool used to create perfect holes on surfaces like bricks, concrete, blocks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard aggregate materials.  Its unprecedented cutting performance and flawless creation of holes can be attributed to its high diamond concentration and its hollow center. 
Going back to cooking, bricks are used in making ovens.  Brick ovens are used primarily for baking.  One of the famous foods prepared in a brick oven is the pizza.  The idea is to cook the pizza not with direct fire but with the radiated heat coming from the wood and then absorbed by the bricks and finally, radiating out the absorbed heat towards the pizza.
If bricks can turn your ordinary food to a delectable cuisine, the core bit on the other hand can turn your desired hole to a seamless one.  

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