With Halloween looming closer, you can probably start expecting zombies to come sprouting up as early as now. As the streets become filled with folks walking dead, you should definitely take time to heed the advice of zombie survival experts on how best to put an end to the undead. As always, it is best to steer clear of them, but when it comes down to hand to hand combat, the best things to have on your person are a rifle, a serious no-nonsense fighting knife, and – your best option yet – a 911 fire rescue diamond blade.
Many zombie experts are into swords, too; they do make for good drama. But swords are becoming seriously outdated in today’s zombie-dominated world. As the undead closes in on you, these long and heavy swords can be hard to wield when you’re fighting in close quarters or when you’re climbing into a quick getaway vehicle. They also tend to bang into stuff and make a racket that can attract even more zombies. And with the undead rushing towards you too fast, these considerably long Western swords don’t allow fast draw. In the most desperate zombie survival situations, a sword just won’t do.
More experienced zombie fighters still depend on the good ol’ rifle, which is also definitely the best zombie killer if the zombies are just coming at you. But when they’ve closed in, it’s down to your hidden killer dagger – which is enough if you’re facing a dozen zombies or so. But when it’s a whole city of the walking dead, it’s time to take out your dependable – wait for it – yes, that 911 fire rescue diamond blade.
Laser-welded 911 fire rescue blades are certainly the meanest of the cutting tools. It won’t matter if you’ve got a wet or dry blade when it comes to zombie killing. These diamond-tipped blades can cut through tree roots, drywall, wood, sheet metal, auto body panels, concrete, bullet proof glass, PVC, metal roofs, rebars, fire doors, and of course, zombie spines and skulls, and are simply the best tools for close combat. For aggressive zombie cutting, these diamond blades are far more advisable than steel swords as they retain their sharpness longer and resist wear more determinedly. Since zombies come in hordes, your diamond blade will certainly be up for the challenge and will see you through until you’re down to the last undead.
These 911 fire rescue blades meet the criteria of what the ideal zombie killer should be. They are rugged and boast of excellent shearing power. They’re rounded, and therefore crosses out any possibility of breaking like a useless sword in the middle of an intense battle. They are also easy to use; one swipe is all it will take. And of course, they’re easy to maintain. You don’t have to waste your few precious resting moments sharpening diamond blades, just as you would with a sword or a knife.
As Halloween fast approaches, you should definitely start picking out weapons now. You should also start planning which to wield when. It’s alright to get some swords, but make sure you have a 911 fire rescue diamond blade saved for the final survival battle.
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